Home Inspectors: Charleston, South Carolina

Located in the quickly growing low-country of South Carolina, our home inspectors provide residential home inspections for homeowners and realtors acting on their behalf. In addition to Charleston we also serve Mount Pleasant, Summerville, Goose Creek, Orangeburg and various areas in between. Zion Home Inspectors are passionate about delivering an exceptionally informative, easy to read residential home inspection report on function and safety to our clients. It is encouraged for clients to attend the inspection as it would be a great addition of information and perspective to the written report.  Each inspection varies slightly, but they usually last around 2-3 hours, plus 1-2 hours to prepare the report. Older, larger, or generally lower condition homes can take longer to inspect.  After the inspection is completed, a written report will be emailed to you within 24 hours. Please contact our home inspector, Josh, at 843-408-8914 to book today or schedule a tentative appointment online. Fill out the form below with any questions.  We look forward to inspecting your home!

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