Property Inspection

DSC_0107DSC_0116Inspecting Summerville and Charleston, SC, Zion Home Inspection and Improvement offers their clients the opportunity for peace of mind.  As a licensed and insured home inspector, you can rest-assured that my recommendations will get you squared away. I strive to provide my clients with sufficient knowledge for maintaining homes, after all it is a very large investment.  As a member of the International Association of Professional Home and Commercial Property Inspectors (InterNACHI), I complete numerous hours of continued education yearly to maintain my membership.  Having an informed opinion on the condition of your home and its components is the first and possibly most important opportunity you can take to ensure the safety of your home and function of its components.  The scope of the residential property inspection is non-invasive and not technically exhaustive.  I will not take anything apart or do anything that could cause harm to the home or any systems. Please take a few minutes to look at the standards of practice. I do go above the standards when I am able and feel safe doing so.  I generally try to walk on the roofs and enter crawlspaces in my property inspections, unless the conditions are unsafe. In example, the roof feeling weak and unable to support my weight, or it being too steep, or made out of a fragile material, will cause me to inspect the roof from my ladder at the roof edge.  If the crawlspace has standing water, hanging electrical conductors, or signs of animal occupancy I will inspect it from the hatch/hatches. I will remove the main panel cover, and sub panel covers (if applicable), unless there are signs of arcing or other dangerous conditions. I take every measure I can for your property inspection to be a convenient, pleasant, and informative experience for you on your road to home ownership. When I am conducting your property inspection, it will be my top priority at the time, and the utmost attention to detail will be given. Call for a quote at 843-408-8914 or tentatively book your inspection online here.